In The Town: Yuna

February 3rd, 2014

Yuna came to Chicago last week, and gave a great performance. She announced to the crowd that it was her first sold out show, and I expect there are plenty more in her future. She is a great vocalist, and extremely talented songwriter. She also showed versatility by doing a Frank Ocean cover during her headlining set. Incidentally, her opening act, Jarell Perry, reminds me of Frank Ocean. If you have a chance to see Yuna live, she is a must-see.

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In The Town: Yeezus Tour

December 19th, 2013

Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour invaded Chicago for a second night yesterday, and he put on an incredible show. This is my first time seeing ‘Ye solo (I previously saw him on the Watch the Throne Tour). He is the best hip-hop artist to see live, hands down. I felt like I was watching theatre as opposed to a hip-hop concert. Every detail from the lights to the orchestration of his dancers combined to create these poses or looks that if frozen could easily be taken for a piece of art.

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In The Town: John Legend

November 13th, 2013

This weekend I got the opportunity to watch one of my favorite artists perform live! John Legend is one of the best talents in music, and his live performances are always memorable. This weekend was no exception. Tamar Braxton served as the opening act, and she did a great job as well. John Legend is a must-see when he comes to your city.

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In The Town: Iron & Wine

September 28th, 2013

Last night I saw Iron & Wine at the Chicago Theatre. The show was amazing! Iron & Wine was backed by a 13 piece band that added an incredible stage presence to his performance. He also went solo for portions of the show. It was in these times where his talent became evident, and I found myself wishing the band, as incredible as they were, would not return so that I could continue to appreciate his ability to captivate an audience independently. Iron & Wine is a must-see in concert!

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In The Town: Kendrick Lamar at Lollapalooza Aftershow

August 6th, 2013

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to check out Kendrick Lamar at an Official Lollapalooza Aftershow held at the Aragon Ballroom. Opening acts on the ticket included BJ the Chicago Kid and Baauer. The show was good overall. If I have to make one complaint it would be that Kendrick’s set wasn’t long enough. He was on stage for about an hour. Meanwhile, Baauer was on stage for what seemed like an eternity. Kendrick didn’t hit the stage until 1am. I’m not sure how Kendrick performing earlier in the day may have impacted the Aftershow, but he gave a good, energetic performance.

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5 Ways to Drive More Sales to Your Print Shop

July 10th, 2013

I just wrote another article for Printavo discussing ways to increase sales for your screen printing business. Although specifically geared towards the screen printing community, these methods can be applied to any number of businesses and organizations. Check it out HERE.

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And I Quote…

May 17th, 2013


We fear what we don’t understand, we hate what is different, and we destroy what we can’t control. That’s the nature of man. – Tracy Morgan

And I Quote…

April 19th, 2013

The height of arrogance is to think you can do everything on your own. – John Legend

New Article for Printavo

April 14th, 2013

I just wrote an article for Printavo, a new screen printing software company. In the article I try to provide some food for thought to those considering getting into the screen printing industry. While the topic is screen printing, the information can be applied to most business ideas. I encourage you to check it out regardless of what your interests may be. Read it HERE.

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And I Quote…

April 5th, 2013

There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. ”
United States Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld

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