Where To Now?

March 28th, 2011

Life is difficult. The farther you get, the closer you think you are to everything you ever dreamed of. But the farther you get, the more you have to overcome. Is it possible that the more you obtain, the more you have to lose? Is this where stress comes from? You get so far and you are afraid of the trip back down? If we are fortunate enough to keep going on this journey let us maximize our time, and do all that we aspire to along the way.

My partners and I sold our screen printing business towards the end of 2010. This left a major gap in my entrepreneurial framework. I was very grateful to sell the business and move forward, but the new space that became available left a question of what to do now? I had other ventures that were operating before this business was formed, but once it came along it became a pivotal focus.

The timing also left me with a question of how I should pursue new potential ventures in the future. Like many who are actively thinking of new ideas and approaching how to begin startups, I am usually generating thoughts of what may be possible just ahead. However, with graduation just around the corner, and corporate America waiting in the wings I wondered if maybe it was time for me to lay off starting something new.

I sat around for several months after the sale leaning towards the thought that I would just go to work and evaluate things then. It worked for a while, but I began to have urges to create something. I dabbled with the founders of one startup to see if I would be willing to make a quality commitment. During this time It became clear I would like to try to get back into the arena.

What I have realized is the ideas will always flow. Why not pursue them? Where will they lead to? I do not know. Will the next one be enough? Unlikely. I don’t know why we chase a dream that seems to compound over time, as if what we already have achieved merits we need more. But perhaps the point of our dreams was the journey to get there, and nothing more.

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