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Success (More Motivation)

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

I first saw the original presentation this video draws from several years ago and was blown away. Recently someone made this new video using its audio set to a potential NFL running back shown working out to make their dreams come true. As awesome as the original was, this is perhaps ever better.
See the original presenation and reasons why this video is amazing after the jump!

Reasons this video is amazing:

1. The Hip Hop Preacher is a great motivational speaker. Check out his channel on Youtube here.

2. The Friday Night Lights (TV Show, one of my favorites) music playing in the background.

3. This video speaks to anyone who has ever worked to become a success, whatever that may mean to them. If you are a motivated person with goals, or even if you have dreams and just need a little push to try and make them happen you will enjoy this video.

Special thanks to @JDLibs for reminding me to do this post!