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Room For Improvement

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Whatever it means to fail, I’ve taken plenty of losses in my life. Whether it was a bad investment in the stock market or a bad business idea, I’ve taken plenty of losses taking chances. I’ve also had my share of successes. To fail goes beyond assets and value. There is something intrinsic about it. How does it affect you? How do you feel when it happens?

Many of my failures have come as a result of my willingness to lose. I probably have a higher risk tolerance than the average person, and so I am not afraid to almost completely blow something. I couldn’t do many of the things I have done if I were highly risk averse. At the same time, maybe that attitude can also be detrimental. My goal is to be more considerate of how I approach things in the future. This goes beyond investing.

If you fail take it as an opportunity to examine yourself, and your processes. Consider what happened. Did you see it coming? Was it avoidable? I have to say that many times, I did see it coming. Maybe too late to take an entirely different course of action, but often well enough in advance of the event. It may not be obvious, but I know when it seems quite possible. How can I see it coming and do nothing? Yet I know I have.

So what should we do when we fail? I think we have to be disappointed at the outcome. Whether we saw it coming or not we should not be satisfied with it. We should have an expectation of success. It is important to not settle for the initial result, but to desire to improve upon it, and eventually succeed. Always ask yourself for more.