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In The Town: Yeezus Tour

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour invaded Chicago for a second night yesterday, and he put on an incredible show. This is my first time seeing ‘Ye solo (I previously saw him on the Watch the Throne Tour). He is the best hip-hop artist to see live, hands down. I felt like I was watching theatre as opposed to a hip-hop concert. Every detail from the lights to the orchestration of his dancers combined to create these poses or looks that if frozen could easily be taken for a piece of art.

This tour also gave doubters of Yeezus, the album, to experience the album live. I am in the minority of fans who actually loved the album, and consider it to be a masterpiece. When ‘Ye performed the songs live, I believe it made many in attendance want to take another listen to the album. In addition to Yeezus, ‘Ye touched on hits from all of his solo albums. Nearly thirty songs later, I had completely forgotten that Kendrick Lamar ever performed as the opening act. It was that good. Go see the Yeezus Tour!